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2009  THE BIKE WRITER: Out of Washington, Into Idaho

Pateros, WA - Making my way from Winthrop to the Coulee Dam.

Hitting the road around 5 a.m. in order to beat the heat and the headwinds; temperatures this week are expected to be in the 90s..

Took a break at the Rest Awhile cafe along Highway 153, just outside Pateros. Homemade desserts featured peach scones and strawberry rhubarb pie. Jackie swore to using oil in her pie crusts. "The dough is easier to work with and the pie crust is flakier," she said pushing her glasses atop her forehead......  READ MORE HERE

--A man resembling Jerry Garcia walks through the door pushing it open with his stomach.  He admires the can coozie and says he has a blowup mattress at his place next door if I want to stay.


The German Bike Museum

"I asked museum technical director Peter Kuhn if I can sleep there for the night. He initially declined but I said in the States, it's allowed. Robin Williams and Ben Stiller slept in a museum and they made a movie out of it.
I'm so close to convincing him I can feel it, but in the end ... no."  READ MORE HERE

McCafe in Germany

"I stopped at a McDonald's on the outskirts of Swabisch Hall. McCafe is much the same as the states except the coffee bar and the food counters are completely separate. It was like having a Starbucks inside the McDonalds."

The Real Germanfest

"I'm familiar with Milwaukee's Germanfest celebration but I was able to experience the real thing during my bicycle tour in Germany.
The festival in Prien, located about 60 miles southeast of Munich, coincided with the small community's 850th anniversary celebration."  READ MORE HERE
Touring Chiemsee

"Returned to visit Prien and then Munich during my final week's tour.

Christiane, who I met on my second day in Germany, has welcomed me for the weekend.
I have a room in the loft of her very old (1868) family home. She's the third generation to live there. On the second flight of stairs you need to duck to continue the climb into the attic."  READ MORE HERE

"I jumped onto a Logan Express bus and got safely out of Boston. We went through the Ted Williams Tunnel, past Boston University and Fenway Park. I pulled on my helmet and my biking shoes at Framingham and got on Route 9. Not the best road, with heavy traffic and lots of pot holes. I eventually veered to the old Highway 30 which featured less traffic, more of a shoulder and better blacktop."  READ MORE HERE

"I've been doing solo bicycle tours the past five years. Within the next week I'm flying to South Carolina and bicycling back to Wisconsin. The trip, which is a vacation for me, is a mix of "Survivor," David Blaine, and hopefully not, "Lost."

My first ride was from Wisconsin to Colorado to visit my sister. She said, "Jude if you come visit, I'll buy your plane ticket." I said, 'No thanks … I think

I'll take my bike.' 

Since then I've toured from Wisconsin to Canada, Minnesota, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas. Last year I quit my job and went bicycling in Europe."  READ MORE HERE