Saturday, June 16, 2012

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite

Bonifay, FL - One thing I've learned about the south, it's hot and damp and a haven for bed bugs.

People wonder why I gravitate to churches; they offer me safehaven, a couch, and a clean bathroom.

The one day this tour I sleep in a hotel, and I find bedbugs.

I didn't know - at first. I thought I'd been outside so much it was mosquitoes or the fire ants or yellow flies.

That is, until the bites started spreading and swelling, and a guy at the diner said "nice bed-bug bites."

I had to get out of those clothes; I assumed everything was infested.

Pulled into the laundry in Bonifay, FL. It was $2 and I threw in everything... and I mean everything in - including the clothes I had on.

It was a rather bold show for a small town, but the bathroom at the laundromat was 'out of order' and locked.

At this point I lost every ounce of Catholic, school-girl modesty. I grabbed my large, Hefty garbage bag/ rain gear, poked a hole for my head and stripped off the rest of my tainted clothes.

With that I shut the lid to the washer and...... nothing; everything stopped. The water came out fine but there was no spinning or churning or washing.

So I found another machine, reloaded the wet clothes and started the process again.

I often wonder why nobody wants to come on these trips with me.

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